So Much Music, So Little Time

Submitted by Ben

One of the incredible bonuses of our playing Canadian Music Week this year is that each of us gets access to all the shows happening next week. The problem is, I can't be in multiple places at once to see everyone I want to see. Here's what I'm hoping to check out next week.

March 20
  • Well, ourselves, duh, and The Danks, Rattlesnake Choir and Crazy Strings - Silver Dollar, doors at 7:30
  • If I'm able to juggle it, I'm also hoping to catch some of Daniel Romano and Jim Cuddy's sets at The Horseshoe - I'm totally bummed I won't be able to see one of my all-time favourite TO bands, NQ Arbuckle, since they are on at 9 p.m., as it's apparently bad form to immediately sprint from your set to catch a show.
March 21
March 22
March 23
  • Checking out JJ Shiplett at The Dakota for 10 p.m.
  • Followed by Boy, a duo out of Germany, at 11.
As you can see, I've got some space to fill on Friday and Saturday - any suggestions on who to check out? And if you're out and about at any of these shows, keep an eye out for me!