Filmmaking 101

As you might recall, we decided a while back to try and drum up business for our online mailing list when we launched the site. The first 100 people who signed up had the chance to win a WWWY prize pack, complete with a shirt, CD of our single Burn Back Down, a magnet and some random crap laying around Ben's basement.

But drawing a name with just the 4 of us standing around is boooring. So, we decided to make a movie. Thankfully, Chris has a (disturbingly) large collection of action figures to choose from. Rocky Horror, Sound Wave (or Eight Track, I kept getting confused) and The Crow made the final cut. Since David wasn't on set for the filming, we made him the band member with a starting role. That's what he gets.

Anyway, we recruited (coerced) Gwen into being the camera operator and nailed it in one take. Yeah, we're that good. Chris even got David's/The Crow's wicked guitar solo right the first time.

And the result? This high quality piece of art. And that Josh E. is our lucky winner! A prize pack is on it's way to you as we speak! Well, if we're speaking tomorrow. I mean, Canada Post is closed already, isn't it?