So Much Music, So Little Time

Submitted by Ben

One of the incredible bonuses of our playing Canadian Music Week this year is that each of us gets access to all the shows happening next week. The problem is, I can't be in multiple places…

Filmmaking 101

As you might recall, we decided a while back to try and drum up business for our online mailing list when we launched the site. The first 100 people who signed up had the chance to win a WWWY prize…

Inside and Outside Saturday

This past Saturday was a busy day for us.

We first had the honour of premiering "Burn Back Down" at a fundraiser for the Kenneth Mark Scholarship fund. It was powerful to play for Ken's family and friends and…

The First Time

 Getting those first few words on paper or onto the screen can be daunting. The flashing cursor is taunting you, laughing at you, as if to say, “ You've got nothing!” That’s what makes the first of anything so intimidating…

A Matter of Inches

 Recently our wild and crazy bassist supported a project on KickStarter (a cool little micro-financing site). It was a small donation to a fun art project in his home city of Detroit and would help build a statue near the…