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When We Was Young embraces rural folk and bar rock styles to celebrate whiskey soaked pursuits that listeners are sure to remember.

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Summer of Songwriting 

Well it's been a really productive summer for us, even if it doesn't look like we've been doing much. We've spent a lot of time working on a great crop of news songs, planting the seeds, watering them with beer and marvelling as they grow. We've also spent a lot of time just messing around during practice, which is it's own kind of productivity.

And sweating. We've spent a lot of time sweating. Maybe our next big payday can be directed towards an air conditioner?

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“I love your music! It really touched me and I kept saying, ‘I can’t believe this band isn’t being played on the radio and a record label hasn’t signed them up!’ “

- Elaine Polny, Exec. Marketing Director, Waking Life Studios